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Good to know

What are different types of flour?

Flour type determines the amount of minerals, called ash. This means that in the type 450 is approx. 450 mg minerals per 100 g of flour and the type 500 to approx. 500 mg. Thus, white flour is directly dependent on the content of the ingredients mineralnych- the lower type, the lighter meal.

What's with wholemeal flours?

Wholemeal flours are made from whole grain, so they are very healthy, because it is in a cover of grain is the most fiber, vitamins and minerals. Their common name is Graham (wheat flour) and Wholemeal flour (rye flour).

Name,, Wholemeal "is derived from the grain milling process, which is ground only once. Flour name "Graham" is derived from the name of the American Pastor Sylvester Grahama- precursor of healthy eating.