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Baking flour

In our offer you will be able to find a wide range of baking flour. 

Thanks to modern mixing facility we are able to produce unlimited range of flour kinds, which enables us to realise even unusual orders. 

Our vast experience, modern machine park and constant care over every stage of production make our flour invariably be of high quality. 

We also produce semolina and wheat and rye bran.

Standard flour produced in our company:

  • Wheat flour type 450 
  • Wheat flour type 500
  • Wheat flour type 550
  • Wheat flour type 650
  • Wheat flour type 750
  • Wheat flour type 850
  • Wheat flour type 1850
  • Rye flour type 720 
  • Rye flour type 1400 
  • Rye flour type 2000